Two ranges with different technolgies.

Our clocks are set using a tactile interface: a virtual "button" reacts when a finger is placed in front of each tube inside the casing, 
Just a finger is enough to adjust the clock settings with intuitive movements: a "click", a quick "double click", a "long click" and a "slide" movement to unlock the clock and access the advanced settings menu.
This technology is exclusive to our clocks and is found on all our "T" models.


​This technology is found on all our WiFI "W" models.


Combining new technologies with those of the mid-20th century is a particular challenge, as each developed at different times. Our technologies are high-speed, low energy with a small global footprint, while those of the 1950s when electronics was in its infancy, are far removed. (Note that mobile phones and the Internet would not exist today without the technological advancements of the last century ...).
Two different worlds are linked together with the same engineering knowledge to make our clocks function by using modern electronics and the magnificent Nixie tubes of the past. Consider this, for instance. The tubes need 190 Volts to glow, while the clock's electronics board operates at 3.3 and 5 Volts. What a challenge to ensure they work together and that you stay safe if one of the tubes were to break!

The Time

Displaying the time is obviously the key function of our clocks.
This function works using a special circuit capable of conserving the time in the event of a power cut.

The Date

Our clocks are made with six tubes (IN14 and IN16) and can display the date in a simplified format, (only tens of the year displayed). But all of our clocks can maintain the current date to automatically switch between summer and winter times in Europe.

The Materials


Our clocks are made from sections of exotic, precious, semi-precious and unusual sections of raw wood such as mahogany, zimbra, bokoté, plane and beech. The wood is supplied by our cabinetmaker partners and worked in small batches in our atelier. Each clock is unique by the choice of wood used and its finish.

The Light

The soft red light of orange Nixie tubes is particularly attractive, and the tubes lighting capacity make them very easy to read.
Our clocks automatically adapt to light so that the tubes give the optimum glow at all times. Particular care has been taken to ensure smooth transitions when the light changes dramatically and the brightness reduces through to night time.

12 or 24?

The time display is a question of preference and both 12 and 24 hour formats are available. This choice is made when the clock is set and can be easily modified when it is in use.


Zero ?

As with the 12/24 hour formats, displaying zero non-significant hours is your choice.
Our clocks can be easily adjusted to display the full time (05 00) or without the zero (5 00).

N°614 T
IN14 Nixie Clock, Mahogany & Brass, Touch interface

IN 614 T Nixie Clock

Mahogany Casing 180 x 80 x 30 mm

Six IN 14 Nixie Tubes to display

  - hours, minutes, seconds

  - day, month, year (European format) 

Tactile Interface

Delivered with International wall Adapter

N°614 W
IN14 Nixie Clock, Mahogany & Brass, WiFi interface

IN 614 T Nixie Clock

Mahogany Casing 180 x 80 x 30 mm

Six IN 14 Nixie Tubes to display hours, minutes, seconds

WiFI Interface to setup and keep time

Delivered with International wall Adapter